If you don't have a clear and focused digital message when it comes to measuring a bottom line sales and marketing goal, then frankly, you're wasting time and energy on tactical quick fixes. Time to stop wasting resources, especially time and energy on finding out what doesn't work.

I run a special workshop to guide digital entrepreneurs and professionals in order to get a better grasp on their digital messaging impact.

Back in time, before anyone understood how Google search worked, we were doing content positioning without advanced measuring tools. Ranking results were obtained by outsmarting Google technically, through keywords translated from key value propositions.

The technical advantage was eliminated on April 24th, 2012 it was easy for people like myself who came from an industrial signaling design and implementation background with an interest in linguistics and semantics.

Search rankings is language dependent, and understanding the language of the user helps position value better, instead of swimming with the sharks in competition saturated waters.

I call the session I run semantic ‘Core Alignment' which actually helps us make sense of the nature and meaning of our own content, and using Google's natural language processing to measure the gap between what we ‘intend' and what Google expects.

This ‘Semantic Alignment Gap' is what we measure and bridge, in order to improve the result Google is after in terms of Relevancy and Quality, in terms of Content. This is our goal, the rest is just one big Cybernetic feedback loop with infinite loops within and without.