The Myth of Exodus as a Blueprint for Recovery : Whereas mainstream psychology perceives addiction principally as a disease of the brain, depth psychology identifies addiction as an inner psychic process, a call for uniting soul and ego. Using qualitative, hermeneutic research methodology, this thesis uses the writings of Carl G. Jung and of neo-Jungians to delve into the understanding of addiction as a psychic phenomenon. Particular attention is placed on the collective unconscious and its archetypal content. Using the Bible and the story of Exodus as a blueprint, the study suggests a path for recovery: a transmutation of the psyche from enslavement to freedom. This work also explores the possible connection between addiction behavior and behavioral traits of the community, and posits that addiction is an individual as well as a societal issue, and that sustainable recovery may be achieved by reuniting the psyche with the divine.

Source: Revisiting Addiction Using Depth Psychology