Every successful business strategy is driven through the execution of efficient and effective digital tactics. They are actions that use up energy (time and money). Tactics enable an intended result to appear according to plan. When digital tactics work well then you know that an effective strategy in play.

Performing an action in the external world is part of a tactical execution which strengthens a strategic objective which is an effect planned for the action. Tactics help you put the framework (form) of a digital presence in place as a conduit for repetitive use – like an irrigation system; but with an aim at delivering efficiency and effectiveness to human involvement i.e. the structure is put in place to be cost effective and to work with intention and purpose.

Tactics imply: Doing Things Intentionally!

Digital tactics will help solidify an image and enable the effects engineered and intended for a specific audience to consume and act upon. A primary question for tactical discovery is deciding on the type of actions to employ that enable the strategic objectives to be reached and measured without delay.

The usefulness of digital tactics are measured in terms of time and money and translates to the total energy at the disposal in order to crystalize or mechanize the vision, however you see its final cause. However, the sum of all digital tactics cannot be the value portion of a “gainful venture”, at best it can channel the value brought through it and for which a specific result is intended.

Tactics are time sensitive, and burns energy with a short time to expiration, so measuring results matter, whether positive or negative.

A digital tactic is specifically seen as an intentional action taken towards a strategic objective that terminates in a specific result aimed at completing a vision in mind.

Strategy informs Tactics, and tactics without strategy is a pitfall to avoid.

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