The first goal of digital mediation in the human is to develop mastery of the mind. A symptom of being slave to the mind is ‘worry'. Worry is an indication of not having achieved mastery of the mind because it's the mind – you master – that worries.

Everyone has to some degree mastered the mind, but not a total control of the mind which part or most of the time needs to be reeled in, kept in check and leashed with great difficulty and effort.

It is quite obvious that the mind does not want to be mastered an will oppose you from the start. It is a wise first step to recognize this as a fact, that the mind wan't no master – this is the first step in realization and a handle on the power of mind control.

Many who attempt to mediate and get in control of the mind do not succeed because they don't understand that the mind itself is the problem that needs to be overcome. You come to realize that you can't use the mind to master the mind.

A superior faculty to use with mind is ‘understanding' which will grow over time as you gain power and control over the mind.

There is one simple truth here: what you understand you can control.