When you wake up in the morning and you look out from your body and sense your world rushing in – choosing the concepts that structure and the context that form your life.

We can change our point of view and our outlook in life at any moment by shifting into old structures and roles that we have allowed ourselves to be defined by, or we can decide to align with new structures and roles, that although not manifested completely, has the clarity and crystallization of vision to become reality thought intentional action.

The moment you wake up you can see the past and you can see the future – and as your world comes flowing in it is up to you to step into the present and recognize your choices.

When you step into your individual and responsible self then you can live presently with the essence of that vision, a superposition that has the structures of growth embedded in the very moment of cognition.

Spend time every day to structure and map your life because what you structure you can build on and with time craft the life you wish to have.