Speech as a measurable framework is successfully integrated into a language framework for expressing value. Measuring writing (a form of speech) is a materially visual way of constructing intention and meaning by understanding framework relationships that enable value capture, articulate process steps and solidifies the formation of simplified technology as an interface.

Our focus is specifically relevant for language in the form of writing/speech as a measurable result in information retrieval and knowledge formation around a key point – identifying digital value.

3 Strategic reasons to focus on speech

  1. Speech and behavior is a very well researched field with a comprehensive set of values around terminology, theory and experimental results that can be drawn on for context and meaning.
  2. There are many tools and techniques available to analyze the coding of vocal motor behavior.
  3. Most importantly, speech (which includes writing – alphabetic coding) is a tool to create powerful images through cognitive representation and creates a powerful framework for planning.

“It is strategic to focus on speech for a variety of reasons. One is that speech behavior is already very well researched. Phonetics and the study of vocal articulator coordination are well-established fields, rich with experimental results and theory and succinct terminology. Secondly, there are a large number of tools and techniques available to facilitate the analysis and coding of vocal motor behavior. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, speech provides a powerful framework for evaluating a motor planning production model with reference to cognitive representation. The intended utterance of a talker must result in a signal that makes sense to the listener. Motor planning for speech is not only dependent on a lifetime of experience of controlling vocal motors but is also dependent on a lifetime of perceiving and learning the regularities of how other people talk. The acoustic output of a neural-network controlled vocal tract may exhibit the categorical regularities that have been acquired by the system. The dynamics of the network can then be analyzed with respect to those regularities.”