No surprise here sitting in rural AFRICA where infrastructure is breaking down and simply not being maintained. Telecommunications companies aren't investing in maintaining those telephone lines and exchanges in rural areas. 

Here is a quote from Wired:

We're relying on tech to produce the jobs that will replace or reinvent dying industries, and we're crossing our fingers that entrepreneurs around the country will spread those opportunities beyond the coastal hubs. There’s real opportunity in Vermont and in the rest of rural America, but it's never going to happen without basic connectivity.

We have open rural landscapes that the city folk dream – but what is being done to lure communications tech startups and entrepreneurs into rural country areas? Not much other than having to rely on failing infrastructure and high cellular data costs. 

It might be shocking to the local South African rural entrepreneur to find out that cellular data costs here are the highest in the world. Solutions are needed and wanted and the tide is turning. What does your internet connectivity look like?

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