Recognizing intentional imaging through mental action.

What you're after is an image you can create before you, not an image behind you or anything that explains the present. The present is ground, and the signaling clear. The tension is set with an image in front of view. An image with full visual description in thought of mind. Create an image that thoughts explore from various angles and the facets brought out to reflect a unique view on the same aspect of your many inner dimensions. Your thoughts are fickle snake electric eels, they need structure, dimension, relationship, focus and purpose.

Current Reality is like the Truth of ‘who you think you are' and related to Vision is a sense of “what you want to create” – create an image as if there were no barriers. Simply, what do you want, and if you could have it, would you take it?

Strategy shows ‘how you want others to perceive you” and the relationship of that image with the image you hold of yourself and this is related to Tactics in that in order to create this image, actions need to be performed to germinate, assimilate and complete the actions needed to materialize this result.

Tactics are actions you will take and over time delegate to materialize your vision by keeping an eye on the relationship between current reality and vision ahead to guide decisions and actions, moving towards results you want and bringing manifested elements of vision into current reality.

A practical definition of Tactics include decisions on knowledge, skills and technology that will drive effective and efficient actions that maximizes creative space. The whole is brought into reality through minutely small incremental and intentional actions that could be observed.

The model aims to help the individual create certainty and produce creative results.

The whole structure around MVST (Mission, Vision, Strategy, Tactics) can also be respectively renamed Reality, Sense(ation), Perception, Action THROUGH Structural Image(ation).

If you're interested in simple mind and memory technique a, let me know. I'm keen to run a live digital workshop.