Audio interview with Mark Stahlman on the Real Clear Radio Hour with Bill Frezza looks at the operating system for society in the digital age. A digital system needs an operating system which is the way you get access to your external storage.

There are three principles spheres each of which has their own operating system which is East (China), West (USA) and Digital (Robots). Media underpinnings of our society is radio society which is rooted in propaganda. It crystalizes into ‘what radio does to us’. Propaganda is total and completely surrounds your life.

It was noticed in WWII that propaganda doesn’t work so well and they wanted a way around it. The new scheme was what we call Memes which was different from Propaganda in that Memes are democratic – you get to choose.  Memes are aligned with an economy for lifestyle choices for maximum consumption, a symptom of Television.

Advertising and psychological warfare is principally the same craft which after WWII evolved into Communication Studies – where many Advertising people have a background in. Stahlman references Marshall McLuhan last book, The Laws of Media and clarifies that what tends to happen with each of these technologies that they retrieve things from our past.

Radio retrieved a very early sense of human life – human life probably in its most primal state. We had a retrieval of the occult and evolved into TV which became very mythological. Digital is retrieving Literacy. Under Television we pretended we lived in an oral society before literacy and what is happening now is that we are retrieving the middle ages or secondary literacy.

The world of the middle ages was a world before the printing press, which was a world of the manuscript – original literacy which was hand written.  It turns out that the Chinese were more deliberate about evolving society – they are engineer based versus the USA who are lawyer based. They have been slow, careful and planned over the past 15 years.

China is transitioning from an industrial to a service economy. All services to be delivered over broadband wireless services. Conflicts and clashes take place naturally in a free economy that doesn’t like to be planned.  We are now living under the Digital Bomb and people don’t understand the technologies they are dealing with which could result in something stupid happening.