The art of digital communication requires an intentional and conscious interface with digital as a medium, and  having calculated the bio-cost of digitizing one reality into another and having maximized the time, energy and value of such an interaction and it's effectual involvement.

The digital interface is both an internal and external device we use for the expansion of time and energy in a sphere of reality that possesses the power and the force to alter your reality for the rest of your earthly experience – it is ‘that' critical.

The intentional communication involves interfacing with digital technology which is more than just physical – the digital medium absorbs through our input the equivalent of physical and mental space that the forgotten world possessed and in which we currently have our being. A new dimension has opened to the mind of man and swallowing up earthy boundaries.

The digital medium enables curation and the cultivation of experiential wisdom in all walks of life. It carries through it the content of things known to all with memories etched into the elements of nature. Through and extension of memory we have access to the wisdom of universal experience – if scribed in truth.

Digital communication involves the ability to calculate the bio-cost of digitizing our mind, and hence our memory – the critical distinctions necessary to optimize the investment in the creation and storage of information. When we interact with a digital interface we come to a pause in the moment of nature and we extend our mind into the moment of trance – much like an artist in at play.

When we interface digitally, our goal is on increasing the value of our input in order to minimize the bio-cost involved in human activity while in a state of always-on and drifting away from direct experience – falling into virtual eternity – while doing so.

Digital is not an add-on to natural life – it's an alternative to it.