We focus on the levels of programming we find around us, and if we're to talk in terms of programming then we can assume digital technology and it's brainchild, the computer circuits and functions as mechanical brain.

We understand the solidity of linear thought in reason and have not thus far found an alternative to the wholeness described by the term ‘computer' , more so now than ever before.

With further extension and reach into collective psyche visible through internet visualization as a form of shadow trance with an electric grip on humanity.

What supersedes the concept of computer to more of a wholeness in perception, since computer implies a terminal or device accessed, and now being accessed by depending on the order of relationship.

We take note of the levels of programming described by Lilly in terms of computer talk, and imagine an overlap between chakras and even deeper levels of bodily awareness in experience.

What do we call a model of a model, which programs a model, by which you can plot and chart your course inside the model being navigated, by the model by which it's created. (mathematicians know how to calculate this).


The Book: https://diigo.com/0ead95